Vote Row B: The Team That’s In Your Corner

On November 7th, Enfield voters get to choose the team that will continue to lead Enfield in a positive way.  The Republican team on row B is always in Enfield’s corner and this election season, you probably saw them “literally” on your corner.

What does it mean to be in your corner?  Since August the Republican candidates have been out talking to voters and learning what interests of Enfield are important.  It means they have listened to you… answered your questions, provided their personal comments, and came away understanding your concerns and suggestions.  These folks will use these valuable months of information gather and make appropriate decisions once elected.  You can be sure they will continue to strive to keep Enfield on a path of continuous improvement.

Over the last few months of this campaign, the Republican team on row B will have visited 9,500 doorways of their neighbors.  Sometimes they have been able to fix a problem a resident was having…for example tree limbs over the sidewalk, replacing basketball nets at a park, helping get a tipper barrel lid replaced.  Sounds like easy stuff, maybe, but it mattered to the person who had the problem.

The Republican candidates are “really nice people” who will do what is right for you, your family and the community.  It’s all because they care.  There isn’t one of them that isn’t active in the community, from volunteers at nonprofits to a board or commission for the town.  It’s because they are vested, passionate about Enfield and because it all matters.  So they are “literally” in your corner.

This November 7th, we ask you to vote along Line B – – and have the Enfield Republicans continue to be the good people, with the right attitude serve you.

A vote along row B for Town Council and Board of Education will continue to give a Republican majority, with a new mayor, with a positive outlook.  Vote row B… the team that’s in your corner.


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