Vote Row B: The Team That’s In Your Corner… On Education

Enfield Republicans are always in your corner. And over the last few months, we’ve probably been on your corner as well.


For the Best Education Enfield Can Afford…

On November 7th, Enfield voters will choose who will continue to lead Enfield in a positive way.  The Republican team on row B has always in Enfield’s corner and this election season, you probably saw them “literally” on your corner.

Being in your corner, by the Enfield Republicans, is about our schools. We believe Enfield deserves the best education Enfield available keeping in mind fiscal responsibility.

Donna Szewczak (District 3), Mile Ludwick (At Large) and Lori Unghire (At Large) have all served on the Board of Education.  They understand our school financial issues and on the Town Council, they will continue to share with the rest of the council the needs required to keep an A+ school system.

Ashley Depeau and Charlotte Riley, candidates seeking election and re-election (respectively) for Board of Education are moms with special needs children. They recognize the wonderful opportunities Enfield Schools offer and will be advocates in this area for no other reason than they care about our children.

Walter Kruzel is seeking re-election to the Board of Education.  Walter’s knowledge of our schools, the buildings and the programs is unparalleled.  On Board of Education, Walter will continue to work in partnership with the Town Council and maintain the great work accomplished by the Republican-led Board of Education because of the close relationship of the two groups.

State Rep. Greg Stokes with Donna Szewczak (Dist. 3 Town Council) and Walter Kruzel (Board of Ed.)

Chris Rutledge, seeking his first term on Board of Education, has been very active in Enfield and its schools over the last few years.  He served on the committee to rebuild the middle school, he attends many events that benefit our PTOs and most recently Chris formed and mentors a debate team at Enfield High. Chris brings his experience in analysis, project management and process improvement to this position and will be a positive addition to a complex system.

Enfield Republican Board of Education candidates Chris Rutledge, Ashley Depeau and Walter Kruzel.

Rich Regnier, seeking re-election to the Board of Education, is a student from Enfield Schools and knows what programs students can utilize to take full advantage of their school years.  Rich excelled in Enfield schools because of the education received and he is a professor at Bay Path University. He has participated on the board with a thoughtful and kind focus and will be a person who will continue as an even balance as we move forward.

Rich Regnier (Board of Ed.), Mike Ludwick (Town Council), Charlotte Riley (Board of Ed.) and Walter Kruzel (Board of Ed.)

This November 7th, we ask you to vote along Line B – – and have the Enfield Republicans continue to be the good people, with the right attitude serve you and no agenda to fulfill.

A vote along row B for Board of Education and Town Council candidates will continue to give you a Republican majority who offers a positive outlook for Enfield.  This team is in your corner.

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