Vote Row B: The Team That’s In Your Corner… Because We Listen


Because We Listen…

On November 7th, Enfield voters will choose the team who will continue to lead Enfield in a positive way.  The Republican team on row B has always been in Enfield’s corner and this election season, you probably saw them “literally” on your corner.

We listen.  We investigate.  We take appropriate action.

Joe Bosco is a straight talker and a man of proven action.  When residents had questions and concerns about Edgewood Drive and surrounding areas, he listened, he investigated and took action.  The issue about sidewalks was reviewed and a new procedure was implemented. Just ask the residents, they will tell you how much they appreciate Joe.

Donna Szewczak is one person who is an action figure.  The new solar farm being proposed in district 3 is a true example of listening and investigating.  In the short time this project has become apparent, Donna has tried to see how this will help/harm the neighbors and help/harm the Town of Enfield.  Projects like these have many nuances that may not be apparent at first.  Donna from her experience, has learned this and is taking the lead to be sure this is the right fit, in the right place and you can be sure she will take appropriate action.

Town Council candidates Peter Falk (At Large) and Donna Szewczak (Dist. 3)

Joe Muller is a new candidate for Town Council, and he has spent years serving on committees to rebuild our schools in Enfield.  On these committees, Joe has always listened to our teachers, administration, consultants and, most importantly, our residents to make sure Enfield had the best educational facilities for our children.  Joe is clearly a quite man and does not like the spotlight, but he is very capable of shining the light on problems and getting them resolved.

Candidates Joe Muller (Town Council, At Large), Ashley Depeau (Board of Ed) and Joey Bosco (Town Council Dist. 1)

Kelly Hemmeler, candidate for District 2 Town Council, is a passionate and reasonable person who listens to the concerns of her neighbors in District 2 and acts.  She is the first to jump in and fund raise for local fire victims, help at the food kitchen or be called to action with CERT.  Whether it’s learning about the train station and revitalization projects, to having basketball nets replaced at a local park, Kelly listens, learns and takes action.  She will work to be the voice of District 2 because it matters.

Candidates Chris Rutledge (Board of Ed) and Kelly Hemmeler (Town Council Dist. 2)

Marie Pyznar, candidate for District 4 Town Council, has a big heart and truly cares about people.  When she realized parents and children were suffering in town she started a foundation called “children helping children.”  This group raised money to help local families when they were in crisis.  She is a truly part of the fabric of Enfield and district 4 and realized early on actions speak louder than words. With Marie Pyznar representing District 4, the residents know they will have someone who will always be in their corner.

Town Council candidates Lori Unghire (At Large) and Marie Pyznar (Dist. 4)

Lori Unghire and Peter Falk are two people with quite personalities with strong love of community.  Lori offered her time 4 years ago on the board of education.  She learned about the system, made sure she understood the budget, and got involved in making difficult decision from listening and learning.  She will be a compliment to the town council this November.

Peter Falk has so many years of community service you lose count.  He is one who wants to know everyone’s name and wants to always make a person feel welcome and important.  Peter has been on the council in the past and brings his experience forward to share again.

Town Council candidates Marie Pyznar (Dist. 4) and Mike Ludwick (At Large)

Mike Ludwick rounds out this team of council candidates.  Mike believes in Enfield and shares his time trying to be sure the future is always going to be bright for Enfield.  He is part of the school system because of his daughters and sports.  He is involved with the council because he knows how important it is to keep a fiscal efficient process and focus.  Most of all Mike is true to himself and as a councilman you can be sure you will get an honest answer.  He always learns the issues and always listens to comments shared, but when it is time to act, Mike will make the decision.

This Tuesday, November 7th, vote for the team that listens and acts.  Vote for the team that is in Enfield’s corner because they are the most talented, trustworthy, transparent team for Enfield.

Republicans on row B for Town Council and Board of Education will continue to give you and your family a bright future.  Remember, vote row B for a better, brighter Enfield.

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