September 11th, 2001: We Will Never Forget

Certain events leave lasting impacts on our lives and will forever change the course of our nation.  The news of harrowing tragedies and where we were when they happened is seared into our hearts and minds as a moment frozen in time.  Like the bombing of Pearl Harbor, the assassination of President Kennedy and the explosion of the Space Shuttle Challenger, who could forget where they were on the morning of September 11th, 2001 when 19 men hijacked four planes and, in a cowardly act of terrorism, killed almost 3,000 Americans.  On this day, 16 years later, let us reflect on the losses we experienced and the sacrifices made by so many.


At the Annual 9/11 Memorial Ceremony, the last alarm was rung in honor of those firefighters who perished in the 9/11 attacks.

At the Weymouth Road Firehouse, over 200 Enfield residents, including members of the Town Council, Board of Education, State Government and our first responders, came to the Annual 9/11 Memorial Ceremony. Deputy Chief Paul Januszewski who spoke solemnly of the murderous attacks 16 years ago and urged us to never forget those tragic moments led today’s ceremony. A wreath was lain and the national anthem was sung by the young ladies from Riley’s School of Dance. Pastor Gary Santino provided the benediction, emphasizing the heroic actions of first responders on that dark day and reminded us that “freedom is precious and it is priceless.” Mayor Scott Kaupin and Senator John Kissel gave their heart-felt thoughts asking us to remember those who never returned home. They asked us to pay tribute to those who fight to protect our freedom, at home and abroad. We were reminded to respect those who run into situations where, normally, every nerve and fiber in one’s body would tell you to go the other way.

Deputy Chief Paul “PJ” Januszewski makes his closing remarks at the 9/11 Memorial Ceremony.

On this day, and on all days, let us remember how an abominable act, designed to strike terror and fear into the heart of a nation, actually ignited our patriotic spirit and unified us as Americans.  Let us never forget those 3,000 men and women who died in the attacks on September 11th.  Let us salute those brave passengers of United Flight 93 who gave their lives to take back the plane before it could hit another target.  Let us honor the thousands of men and women who defend our nation, both at home and abroad… especially those who have made the ultimate sacrifice.  In their memory, remain diligent, never forget and may God bless America.


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