Meet Kelly Hemmeler: District 2 Candidate for Town Council

Kelly Hemmeler, 2017 Enfield Republican candidate for District 2 Town Council.

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Kelly Hemmeler, of 10 Hartford Avenue (860-543-3257;, is seeking her first term on the Town Council representing District 2 in Enfield. Kelly graduated from Enfield High School in 1983 and then earned her AS degree from Manchester Community College. She is married with two children and two grandchildren. Kelly has also proudly served on the Thompsonville Fire Commission, is currently a commissioner on the Enfield Tax Appeals Board and is a Trustee & Treasurer of Cornerstone Church. Kelly is the owner of KH Bookkeeping Services LLC and is passionate about keeping Enfield a business-friendly community.

“I’ve known Kelly for almost 22 years” says Representative Greg Stokes, “She is a close friend, an honest and trustworthy person and the work ethic many can’t match. Kelly’s enthusiasm to serve on the Town Council isn’t just because she wants to give back, but because she loves Thompsonville and the folks in District 2 so much.”

Kelly Hemmeler with Mayor Scott Kaupin and Enfield RTC Chair Mary Ann Turner receiving her Republican of the Year award.

Kelly sees her district as a shiny diamond where she gets to help keep it polished. That was why she founded the community group “Voices of Thompsonville.” Kelly jumps to help people, like Priscilla Brayson of Loaves and Fishes Soup Kitchen. “Kelly has done a lot of good things for our community, fund raisers for the soup kitchen, bike runs, cooking for the poor and helping people in crisis. If you ask Kelly for something she always comes through that is why she will be an excellent District 2 councilor,” Priscilla wrote.

Kelly brings a wealth of experience in budgeting and financing which is going to be needed due to Governor Malloy’s latest decision to veto the State budget. “The town is going to be hard pressed to keep our services high, our employees in their jobs, and Enfield on a steady course and I know with good Republican leadership I will join a team who will do exactly that…keep Enfield on a steady course,” said Kelly.

Kelly with her daughter, Veronica, at graduation.

“In addition to being Treasurer for Cornerstone Church, I own and operate KH Bookkeeping Service since 2004. In 2014 and I was reappointed to the Enfield Tax Appeals Board, and Councilor Red Edgar voted for me. I personally thanked Red for his vote and the confidence he showed in me. I let him know I would continue to do the right job for Enfield and appreciated his support,” says Kelly.

Kelly has spearheaded two fundraisers for fire victims in Thompsonville. She is a regular volunteer for the Enfield Clean Sweep, is a current member of the local CERT Team and runs a ministry through Cornerstone Church as a town coordinator for the National Day of Prayer. Kelly knows giving back is part of your soul and she is the first to come to someone’s aid and offer to help.

“I have been so blessed with a loving family and a great community,” says Kelly. “Priscila (Director of Enfield Loaves and Fishes) is a good friend of mine. I love doing whatever I can to help that organization. Being involved isn’t just when elections roll around, it is part of your life, and who you are, and that’s what it means to be part of your community,” explained Kelly.

Kelly Hemmeler volunteering at Enfield Loaves & Fishes with Dawn Stokes

Kelly understands the mess Connecticut is in and knows we have to remain vigilant. “As a town, we’ve fared better than some other places” explained Kelly. “Enfield’s Republican leaders have made sound decisions because they saw Connecticut kicking “the proverbial can down the road.” Service consolidation, recycling initiatives and trimming the annual budget have helped us to offset some costs. I know we will continue to be fiscally responsible and I am ready to help with that challenge.”

Why should you vote for Kelly Hemmeler? Kelly knows District 2 “If we expand businesses, we all benefit. More services. More tax income and more people coming to Enfield and possibly living in Enfield. It allows us to lower the tax burden by spreading it out over a larger group. It just makes good economic sense,” explains Kelly.

When she joins the Town Council, combatting the town wide drug issue will be a major focus for Kelly. “This is a problem we cannot ignore,” pleads Kelly. “Our police need the tools to combat this epidemic. We need campaigns to provide awareness, provide family support and help people find the addiction services they need to fight this demon. If we work together, we can find a solution and I want to be part of that solution.”

Kelly Hemmeler with Ashley Depeau (Board of Education candidate) at this years CAAP walk.

At a recent Town Council meeting, a resident asked about the continued focus on revitalizing Thompsonville. Kelly Hemmeler couldn’t agree more. “Thompsonville is a walkable, community where businesses are tucked into many corners. The Polish Deli, the Pearl Street Barber Shop and Mark’s Restaurant are just a few of businesses that are part of the Tville’s fabric,” says Kelly. “Thompsonville can be a catalyst for economic prosperity for the whole town. I want to continue to advocate for District 2 and once the train station becomes a reality and the water front is more accessible, there will be no stopping the new businesses in the district.”

This November 7th, a vote for Kelly Hemmeler as District 2 Councilor will be a vote for an honest and passionate advocate, who believes in business development, homeownership, beautification, and a thriving and growing Enfield. Kelly Hemmeler, and the rest of the Republican team for Town Council, will be a positive vote for Enfield and a more prosperous tomorrow.

Click here to read information about Kelly and our other 2017 candidates, including their contact information. Feel free to reach out and let the candidates know your thoughts, concerns and feedback.

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