Meet Donna Szewczak: District 3 Candidate for Town Council

Donna Szewczak, 2017 Enfield Republican candidate for District 3 Town Council.

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Donna Szewczak, of 35 South Road (860-763-1872; is running to represent Enfield’s 3rd District on the Town Council. Donna graduated from Enfield High School in 1970 and earned her BA from UCONN. She is married with two children and is the Business Manager for Szewczak Associates. Donna is currently on the Town Council as an At-Large Councilor and has served on the Board of Education, the Joint Facilities Committee, the High School Building Committee and the Elementary School Expansion Committee. Donna has devoted many years to tutoring and volunteering in Enfield has been a true advocate to our children.

“Donna Szewczak’s has walked door-to-door in neighborhoods all over town and it is because she likes to reach out to residents and hear what they have to say. Donna has an in-depth knowledge and understanding of what makes our community thrive because she has served on both the board of education and town council,” says Bill Lee, current Enfield Town Councilor for District 3. “The opportunity I had to work side-by-side with Donna on the council was a pleasure because she is a strong advocate, and a highly experienced professional who is passionate about doing things right the first time. I know that a vote for Donna as District 3 Councilor will be the right vote for the people in that district.”

Donna Szewczak walking with Mayor Scott Kaupin.

Donna focuses on problems that need solving and makes sure that things get done. “I’ve been honored to serve our town for four years on the Board of Education and now another four on the Town Council” says Donna. “My experience as a Business Manager for an engineering firm for 30 years has been a true asset in Enfield because I understand how to balance the immediate needs of our community while keeping an eye on long-term growth.”

Donna Szewczak and her husband, Richard.

One of Donna’s proudest moments was being part of the High School Building Committee. “Seeing that school go up, on time and under budget has been such an amazing experience” explained Donna. “We now have a state-of-the-art high school with a STEAM curriculum which will give our children the opportunities they need to succeed in the 21st century. As a strong advocate for education, I couldn’t be more proud of the curriculum we offer and now the beautiful high school for our students.”

With Donna Szewczak willingness to continue on the Town Council, Enfield she has a few more projects she wants to complete. “We have to work to improve our parks, our roadways and our buildings” says Donna. “I’d like to maintain the right balance so community growth will take some of the tax burden off our residents and distribute it to the sectors benefiting from the growth.”

Donna Szewczak paddling down the Scantic.

How do we do that? Donna has an answer. “In addition to growing our businesses” says Donna. “We need to make sure foreclosed and bank-owned properties are maintained and sold to responsible owners. This will help raise our property values and make Enfield a better place to work, live and retire.”

Why should you vote for Donna? Simply put, because Donna is an active, trustworthy leader who just wants what’s best for Enfield. “We need to see our commercial and industrial tax base grow. For too long our leaders at the State have relied on tax increases that have driven people and businesses out of Connecticut” explained Donna. “We have to be better than that. The residents of Enfield deserve better and the Republican-led council has done better. I want to continue our progress.”

Donna Szewczak at the end of a hike with her family.

Donna will remain an advocate for parks and recreation so families have safe and fun places to be active. “We need to support the Complete Street Concept” says Donna. “Marked pedestrian walkways and bike lanes, safe and well maintained parks… these are things our residents deserve.”

This November 7th, a vote for Donna Szewczak to represent District 3 on the Enfield Town Council is a vote for a trustworthy, focused advocate for what is right and what is best for Enfield. Donna Szewczak and the rest of the Republican team for Town Council will be a positive vote to continue moving Enfield forward, one-project at a time.

Click here to read information about Donna and our other 2017 candidates, including their contact information. Feel free to reach out and let the candidates know your thoughts, concerns and feedback.

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