A Look At What We’ve Accomplished

This November 7th, the residents of Enfield will again have the opportunity to decide which course our town will follow and who should be doing the leading.  On the evening of Tuesday July 25th, we, the Enfield Republicans, endorsed our slate for town council, board of education and constable.  We are  excited to share these talented people who are willing to put the residents of Enfield first and guide the town with positive results.

Stay tuned for more information on these wonderful people willing to volunteer their time to keep Enfield moving in the right direction.

Candidates for Council-at-Large:

Lori Unghire, Mike Ludwick, Joe Muller, Peter Falk

Our District Council Candidates:

Joe Bosco, District 1.  Kelly Hemmler, District 2.  Donna Szewczak.  Marie Pyznar, District 4

Board of Education Candidates:

Walter Kruzel, Rich Regnier, Chris Rutledge, Charlotte Riley and Ashley Depeau


Kevin Fealy, Bob Chagnon, Joe Jedynak, Tom Kienzler

Over the last 10 years, Enfield Republicans have implemented a plan to put Enfield on a prosperous track, to make continuous improvements and raise the quality of our education system.  We’ve done this while being sure to share our goals and vision.  Some examples of our accomplishments are:

We have implemented substantial upgrades to our IT infrastructure, including the launch of Enfield TV.

We have enacted a sister-school program bringing continuity to grades K through 5.

We have executed the single-stream recycling initiative and purchased new recycling trucks.

We have increased transparency by requiring all labor contracts negotiated to be on file for public inspection before a vote can be taken.

We have updated the school curriculum to meet the needs of the 21st century with a K through 12 focus on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics).

We have presided over the consolidation of service delivery, increasing the efficiency of grounds, road and building maintenance.

We have demonstrated our commitment to public safety with the addition of additional police officers and upgraded equipment and programs.

We have worked to ensure that the special education needs of the district are met.  Just ask parents like Ashley Depeau… a parent who moved here from Newington and has found a special education program that significantly exceeded her expectations.

We have prioritized economic and community development by strengthening code enforcement, improving business retention and growth efforts and implementing sound revitalization principles.

We have worked to balance classroom sizes and bring to life the Gifted and Talented program in an effort to successfully boost opportunity, test scores and graduation rates.

And finally, we have successfully consolidated the high schools at Enfield High School… on time and under budget!!!

As Republicans, we believe in the principles of pride, respect and responsibility.  We are grateful for the opportunity to serve the people of Enfield.  We have spent years working diligently to streamline services, keep taxes in check and spend tax dollars as if they were our own.  Come November, you will have the opportunity to vote for a team of Republicans who listen to you and act in your best interests to be sure Enfield continues to be a great place to work and live for you and your family for years to come.

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